Monday, 20 October 2014

Used by the Billionaire (Billionaire Secretary Services Season 2)

Billionaire Secretary Services Season 2 Book 2 is now available on Kindle:

Blonde bombshell Rachel Hunt is beginning to enjoy her job servicing the demanding billionaire Arron Wright and succumbing to his latest wishes.

However soon Rachel yearns for him to do one thing to truly satisfy her but he is far from happy with her request.

Will she get what wants or will it be the end of her employment?

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Wednesday, 20 August 2014

New Billionaire Secretary Services Season

A new season of Billionaire Secretary Services has launched with Part 1: Hunted by the Billionaires..details below. This is currently only available on Amazon Kindle and is free to download for Amazon Prime members..

When Rachel Hunts' friend, Kayla Lopez, introduces her to the 'League of Secretaries', the Australian blonde bombshell is keen and excited to get started.

Soon she is working hard for her new boss, Aaron Wright, servicing his every need and demand, in more ways than one. On a last minute trip to London her sexual experience is tested to the limit when she is required to pleasure four horny executives.

Can she pull it off?

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